This is a free of charge virtual club that is aimed to publish short visual content when the members have free time and have nothing to do with their mobile devices.
However, regarding the functions, it is highly different from the well-known social apps that are publishing UGC in a separate atmosphere. 
Here, in MY MOBI CLUB, the members decide when to see the pop ups containing the menu bars for visual content and video clips.
As pointed out before, this club is all free and no one pays to be the active member of the club and to get the various content.
The cost of our technical restores and issues are done by the kind business brands who pays not only for our club but also for the charities working with us.
That means for every activity you make here, the charity organizations and project will be donated on your behalf by the business brands.
The last but not the least, MY MOBI CLUB has no special access to the users’ devices to disturb the privacy. They are allowed to make changes in the setting of the club to decide for the occasion of content publishing.