Say Farewell to Those Intrusive Ads!

According to the recent surveys, mobile advertising is only getting more pervasive, obnoxious, and intrusive. But why?

Unfortunately, in the present mobile advertising industry, Pop-ups interrupt the browsing experience at every turn. Auto-playing videos embarrass you in waiting rooms and on buses. You can hardly read a news article without having to scroll past a dozen ads and accidentally clicking on one of them.

People feel overwhelmed, interrupted, and stalked by bad digital ads, but they don't really mind the good ones.

However, now, in MY MOBI CLUB, the members decide on when and how they prefer to get the visual content.

No ad is published when the members are working with an app or browsing something on the net.



Your App is just a Gateway to the Mobile Devices!

MY MOBI CLUB is an SDK that sits inside the popular apps in the local markets. The end users of the host apps will receive a pop up invitation to know more about the club. If they are not satisfied with this “free” club, they can easily leave the service by pressing the “quit the club” button.

Since the advertisement is not published in the apps, the users (members) do not find any relation between the host app and the advertisement. So in case of any dissatisfaction with the process of advertising, there is no need to uninstall the host app. That means the host app is only a gateway to the end users’ mobile device to help publishing the visual content and the ads at the time of their convenience.


Generate More Money with Less in-app Ads

The members have set the time and place of watching visual content on their mobile devices.

This is totally different from the time they are busy with your app. This way, you are paid as the active publisher in MY MOBI CLUB without publishing any ads inside your mobile applications.

What is the outcome?

More satisfaction with your mobile app and more revenue due to your active partnership.

The publishers (app developers) will get paid 2 US Cents for every click the members (the app users) make on the ads.

How much is that?

If a developer has 100,000 users and imagine every member has decided to watch the ads at the end of their phone calls. If they only make 2 calls per day, the revenue for the publisher would be 100,000*2*2=400,000 US Cent per day that is 120,000USD per month.

Is it good?

To start partnering with MY MOBI CLUB, contact our local partner in your area.