The Most Innovative Medium if You Are in Favor of Digital Marketing and Advertising

MY MOBI CLUB provides a data-driven programmatic solution that helps brands navigate the world of the digital advertising. Our unique tools allow marketers to run highly targeted campaigns, reaching the right customers at the right time and place.

MY MOBI CLUB offers a transparent system, where every piece of the programmatic ad buying puzzle is carefully integrated, brands can manage and optimize campaigns of any scale with high performace ad visuals.


Pay for One Click but Get Two Clicks for Visuals and Videos

The local and international business brands have the opportunity of publishing their ads in two formats:

  1. A wide screen image that is clicked on and redirected to the main page of website, social page, an app download url or etc.
  2. A video clip or teaser of the brand with no time limit

Every advertiser is allowed to publish the ad in both formats at the same time and campaign and the members can click on both to find more; but the advertiser pays only for one click not for two!


Publish Your Ad for the Highly Segmented Audience

The club members are segmented on the following filters:

Location and nationality, gender, age, life style, income status, marriage status, number of kids, etc.

For instance you are now able to run your advertising campaign for the (single or married) females between the age of 20 to 30 who live in your hometown and like to see more on fashion issues.


No Hatred of Advertisement Here!

  1. The members select when and how they like to get visual content and advertisement, so there is no intrusive ad here.
  2. The members are paid for every ad they click on.
  3. The members know for every ad they receive, the club will donate to charities on their behalf.



To start running a campaign in MY MOBI CLUB, contact our local partner in your area.